RESULTS: SFR GT Challenge - Event #1

SFR GT Challenge made a return for 2021 and it started with a community voted event. Meaning next time you check up for the results, we won’t have the same drivers, car classes etc..

For long time SFR viewers and everyone in the SFR GT Challenge, those who watch our broadcast will know instinctively, “No matter the track or drivers out on the circuit, you will always be entertained”

That sentiment definitely rang true today.

Starting Grid Order

RWB_littlemac26 who was piloting the Jaguar F-Type GT3, stood out early on, this was because the qualifying regulations forced him to start on the RS compound, as this was the tyre type he had set his fastest lap with. While those ahead all used the faster RSS. It wasn’t an easy job for the top 4 however, littlemac continued to breathe down their necks, staying within slip streaming range and more importantly setting himself up for a quick finish.

The strategy for him didn’t stop there however, an early call to undercut saw him re-enter into 3rd, this was the same story with RR_msp3 who at the time was leading, took the undercut and made significant ground on the then leading PX7 drivers, Cardsfan and Nemesis.

By the end we had RR_msp3 leading with PX7-Cardsfan on the prowl behind and was half a second quicker on the final lap too.

It was too little too late however and the early decision by RR_msp3 meant he could comfortably bring his Toyota across the line in first, improving one position from the start. Cardsfan came next while RWB_littlemac26 used his race strategy to secure third.

Race Results: