Assetto Corsa Competitzioni just recently released onto both the PS4 and Xbox. Leading upto to this date some disheartening news that the game would only be running at 30FPS was announced, this was bad enough news for some fans, who have been holding onto hope that a genuine simracing title would make it’s way to the console space, to pull the plug and ditch their pre-order.

505 Games who took charge of the console publishing where also very quiet upto the games launch and the reasons soon became clear. As numerous reports of frame rate issues, stuttering, game breaking bugs, crashes, wheels not working, weak force feedback etc.. and for those looking for answers they where either ignored or forwarded to a form to fill out online.

While many people are now enjoying the game and running it with no issues, there’s still alot which isn’t right and some of us are still waiting for answers from 505 themselves. Are pre-orders sending the message to developers and game publishers that it’s ok to release a game, grab the cash and then openly post how you will work hard to bring the game upto the level which it should have been in the first place ?

Let’s discuss and see what the future holds for ACC on console

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The Simracing Podcast
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