It has been a wild time for simracing in 2020 and that includes some new titles which have entered the market. One such title was Project CARS 3, it went from a fully focused racing simulator to something that is referred to as “arcade” when it comes to classifying its genre.

What made pCARS 3 so noteworthy was the way in which the studio developing the game announced it to the world, the way in which they handled the criticisms and the continuing rhetoric from studio owners that the DNA which made Project CARS, in the first two iterations, was still all there, while also verbally bashing and calling out the very fans, who where most looking forward to this new title, ignorant and enjoyed boring races.

Is it the culture or something else ?

It’s our big talking point today on The Sim Racing Podcast along with all the latest news and league which are popping up all over the place, we have you guys covered.

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