Back in October 2020 i got the chance to talk to Thea aka Theamusante, just after she had completed the first “More Female Racers Season”

As an onlooker, questions arose whether this was actually required, or just another example of political correctness going too far but once i got the point of view from a Female, about sports, life and culture i quickly realised that the challenges faced by female simracers are nothing like what i have experienced myself and to be honest, probably never will due to being a male.

I  wanted to talk to Thea, discuss, share and learn. So through this platform hopefully inform and educate my fellow simracers that the reason we don’t always see females racing alongside us, is because of the various challenges we discuss. Also just inviting female racers to join is not enough and there may even be some fundamental behavioral changes required, in order to drive change.

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The Simracing Podcast
More Female Racers With Theamusante