Event 3 of the LeMan eSport series took place last weekend online and the drivers where tasked with taking on the Circuit of the Americas in two races. The first race was a quick 9 lap sprint and the second was a 28 lap endurance race and the cars being piloted where the Lancia Corse Beta Monteca rlo Turbo, which was seen racing in the 70’s.

Race 5, which was the sprint race and the first race of event 3 for the Pro Teams category, saw some very feisty driving, all throughout the field, with some teams going too far and earning penalties from the race stewards for too much contact throughout. While the Red Bull Team infront worked on increasing thier lead it became hotly contested territory in the midfield but by the chequred flag it was the Red Bull Racing team taking the win for race 5.

Action through the midfield
A convincing win in race 5 for Red Bull

The final race for the evening was the endurance round, which saw the field take on 28 laps of COTA. Strategy was key for this endurance race, as the teams would need to make atleast one pitstop. Lap 1 seemed to contain most of the excitement, as they all settled in from the sprint race, things did get somewhat messy, as it was the Red Bull team who lost out early on and where at the back of the pack in P16 before lap 1 was over.

Hearts sink for the Red Bull Racing team

It would be absolute determination and heart that would see the Red Bull team would pick themselves up and drive an absolute storm to eventually take the lead and then convert to a win. This would bring them within 5 points of Lazarus who lead the Pro Team category with 146 points and the dream of $50,000 even closer.