Over the past year and certainly the past few months, rumours have started speculating over the imminent release of a new Project CARS title and the recent merger between Codemasters and SMS has only fueled that fire.

With the PS5 and new Xbox generations just around the corner, it wouldn’t be far fetched to speculate a new title is currently under going development but a recent Tweet may have just shed light on what the next Project CARS release may actually be, well certaintly the name. “Project CARS GO”

The Tweet from Ian Bell, the CEO of SMS and Executive Director at Codemasters tweeted:

Working title or Mobile Game ?

The title Project CARS GO refers to a mobile project which is being developed alongside Gamevil USA. No other details other than the title are known about this game but if correct, the hype train started from Ian Bell’s Tweet, last year in July, will probably result in fan backlash. Here’s what he said:

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