You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and maybe you know that it utilises something called “Blockchain” but have you heard of a Blockchain game ?

Probably not and even those who understand this Blockchain might fail to explain it to you but it’s part of F1’s bid to drive fan engagement after Liberty Media acquired the brand back in 2016.

To play this game you will need something called non-fungible tokens (NFT’s ) think of them as digital objects. (Yes this is very hard to explain, bare with us, it’s the first we’ve heard of it too)

You can choose to collect these NFT’s , modify them , sell them (for crypto-currency) or use them to play the F1 Delta Time Game.

We honestly don’t know what is involved, or how you play exactly but what we do know is the first F1 NFT is up for auction and it’s super rare too. It has been dubbed 111.

So are you confused… ? Yes we are too but here’s a promotional poster with some detail of what’s going on or simply visit

PS. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but it’s the first we’ve ever heard of this type of game or digital collectables, once we learn more, we’ll do our best to explain further.