Start your engines NASCAR fans as 704’s NASCAR Heat franchise gets a new release. NASCAR Heat 5 wil be available June 10th 2020 on PC/XboxOne/PS4

There are a load of new features in this new release, including 40 player online races, which should definetly impress the fans of the franchise.

Players will get to choose from 34 licensed tracks, including 5 fictional dirt tracks. A new challenge mode which will refresh with new challenges for the player to take head on and support for eSports as players will be able to qualify for events through Heat 5.

A new testing mode will make a debut and this is to allow drivers the time and place to confirm setup changes, or just allow those who like to get into the finer details the ability to really tweak and test the smallest of setup adjustments.

The career mode will also aim to create more immersion as you will start in the Xtreme Dirt Series then get promoted to the higher series like Gander RV & Outdoor Truck, Xfinity Series, all before making it to the top in the NASCAR Cup Series. You will also get a choice to start in the top flight from day one too.