Huge Simracing Gear Influx

Simracing has seen alot happen in 2020 and it has all been due to the Novel Coronavirus. Once it became clear the world needed to quarantine, in order to help stem the flow of this virus, there where millions of housebound people, with nothing but the four walls of their house and the things inside to keep them occupied. Then we started to see a blanket blackout of all sport worldwide and broadcasters started to look for a solution, queue simracing. 


Whether you where a long time veteran or a newly acquired convert simracing started to see a huge spike around April 2020, not only did every sport become replaced by simracing, everyone watching wanted to get in on the action too. Everything from wheels to $25,000 full motion sim rigs started to fly out warehouse doors. So fast infact that a US market tracker, reported all Logitech and Thrustmaster sim gear was completely out of stock in the US by the end of April. 

Games like GT Sport saw a 50% increase in player numbers around the same time as the sim gear drought began. The gold standard of simracing software, iRacing, also saw a 50% increase of subscription numbers, having something like 160,000 paying drivers at one point. Maybe even more surprisingly simwerx who sell motion rigs starting at $25,000 saw a 100% increase in orders, growing from 60 a day to 180 daily orders, it was a wild time. 


As of writing it is now the end of October 2020 and in Australia at least, things are returning to some sense of normality and people are beginning to return to their workplace and it’s a safe assumption that many new simracers may now find themselves with no time to race. So what does this mean for all the gear which has found its way into people’s homes ? 

For anyone looking for a bargain it could mean an influx of sim gear on the used market and if everyone starts selling at the same time, competition will be fierce and it could mean some really cheap purchases could he had. 

There is very little evidence that we have reached that point yet and the exact timing of the influx will depend on your location in the world, plus the timeframe needed before things begin to feel normal again. In Australia and New-Zealand though we did spy a post on Facebook which had a complete motion simulator, with software, full gaming PC, unused screens etc, for sale and the reason was other sports returning, work returning and it was taking up needed space, these will be the main reasons many will be offloading gear. The asking price and offer was too good to refuse, for anyone with the bank account. While it is just one example, if things continue to improve over Christmas, we could see sim gear on used market places by January or February 2021. Location dependent of-course.