Round 2 of the 2019 FIA Manufacturer Series was held at Fuji International Speedway on 4th April 2019.

With a full field of competitors Demo 1 Garage set out to improve on last weeks performance, it all started with putting in the practice laps and even several test races with a public lobby.

It became clear that there where two possible tyre strategies, using a RM – RS or a two stop using either RM – RS – RS or RS – RM – RS, after qualifying 7th, the decision was made to start on the RM compound for 6 laps and 2x RS for the final 5 laps.

Round 2, 2019 Manufacturer Series – Gran Turismo Sport 4th April 2019

A chaotic turn 1 saw three competitors running ahead, spin and fall to the back of the pack but Demo 1 somehow survived, thread the needle and arrived on the other side in 4th.

A head to head race then ensued with a Corvette C7 and before the final sector Demo 1 was sitting in 3rd but a mistake only a few corners later saw the Ferrari 458 fall back two positions and the race was now with a Subaru WRX.

A few laps later the Subaru was eaten up and the chase was now on to catch the Corvette, which had now built up a comfortable lead but his tyre choice would soon allow us to corner faster and eventually make the move work but not before a small bit of contact, which saw Demo 1 readdress and give the position back, in the spirit of fair play.

Round 2, 2019 Manufacturer Series – Gran Turismo Sport 4th April 2019

After the first stop it was all about keeping the times consistent and getting the tyres to last 3 laps, the second stint saw the Ferrari pit from 3rd and re-enter the track in 6th with two laps to go. Having the faster RS tyres now was a huge advantage pulling in the competition who had all decided to run the one stop. Two clean passes later it was the Subaru who had 3rd but his depleted tyres proved to be his downfall as Demo 1 made the move just a few corners before the finish and secured 3rd place and 398 points.