ACC On Console is 30FPS With No Private Lobbies

ACC just held a virtual E3 event where they said we would learn more about the upcoming Assetto Corsa Competitzione console release but it was more of a 60 minute zoom call where they talked marketing and simracing, without answering much at all.

We did learn a few things but the bulk of the answers came from an FAQ that 505 Games posted directly after the event. So here is what we know.

ACC car selection image

The ACC Console FAQ

  •  PS4-Pro 4K at 3200X1800
  • XboxOne X Native 4K
  • Base PS4 1080p at 30FPS
  • Base XboxOne 900p 30FPS
  • 20 Car Grids
  • No Local Multiplayer
  • No Private Lobbies
  • Not Supported By Next-Gen consoles (at this stage)
  • Multiplayer Servers – Quick Join
  • Competition Servers
  • Special Events for PC and Console
  • Controller Support
  • Some graphical compromises
  • Reported to have the same physics as its PC counterpart

We have still yet to see any console footage and this has been why so many in the community have had reason for concern. As of writing the game is due for release on June 23rd 2020, just one week from now and no gameplay footage has been shown. The stream didn’t help, as we saw a small opening movie talking about the achievements and goals Kunos have for Competitzione but no confirmation that what we where looking at was from the console.

There is also concern for the future support as Kunos made it clear that the development focus was in improving the PC version and getting ACC released on console, so it looks like a small win for the PC side but console players may not get much look in past the two planned DLC dates.

Community Reaction

The reaction looks to be one of disappointment, as the frustrations started early when those watching the live stream quickly realised they where more interested in having a zoom conference call, answering questions about the simracing world, scratching each others backs about past achievements. Which disappointingly meant the chances of seeing gameplay footage became very slim.

They also refrained from answering questions of real value, avoiding alot of the pre-planned press questions and answering none of the community ones. Which flared up the tempers of those watching and when the FAQ went live detailing only 30FPS and no private lobbies, many became enraged.

As for no private lobbies, this means our console friends (for now atleast) will be unable to form and run private leagues, as the multiplayer is restricted to the quick join and competition servers. While the 20 car grid is decent, no lobbies will be the final straw for many. Maybe in time Kunos will work on this feature, much like they did for AC when it came to console version of that game but that did take some time too.

Reaction on Twitter

ACC is out on PS4/XboxOne on 23rd June 2020