Get Discovered As Next FIA Rally Star

Have you ever wanted to get involved into the real world of Rally ? Well KT Racing and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) have come together to announce the first ever worldwide programme, in search of future rally drivers, aptly named FIA Rally Star.

The search will utilise the WRC 9 simulator as its platform and this seems like a natural fit, since the eSports WRC Championship also uses this platform to run it’s virtual rally series alongside that of the real world.

Players between the ages of 17 and 26 years old will be eligible to enter and it will allow those lucky enough to participate in training and coaching programmes, of which will be supervised by the FIA. Then seven finalists including one Female driver, could finally begin an international career, before stepping into join a role in the FIA Junior WRC.

The competition will begin sometime in December 2020, after the release of the FIA Rally Star DLC. WRC 9 releases on the 3rd September 2020 however, so there will be plenty of time available to practice those stages and build a rapport with your virtual co-driver.