So i bet no-one saw this one coming, apart from Adam Enticknap and Milestone (Developers of Supercross 3) In the lead up to Monster energy supercross – the official video game 3 (Abit of a mouthful) Adam Enticknap and the games developers linked up to create a “funny” song to promote the game and also spread it’s message to #BeOneOfUs

Now not being supercross fans at all, i do know Adam is a professional rider but it also seems he’s into producing music too.While he doesn’t sound bad by any means, in the clip. It is just a tad cringey to watch but i’ll let you decide for yourself. Please enjoy.

Regardless, if Adam wanted to make a song for Demo 1 Garage, we wouldn’t be saying no. Plus it got us talking about the game again, so it’s a success however you look at it. Supercross 3 is set for release on 4th February 2020.