ACC Console Release Has Fans Concerned.

Assetto Corsa Competitzione (ACC) saw a shaky start on PC but in the time elapsed since its early access launch on Steam, the title has easily become one of, if not the best, Sports car racing simulator available on the market. While that statement is a subjective one, i’m sure most connoisseurs of the sim-racing genre can respect the workmanship and attention to capturing realism, which has been meticulously coded by the team at Kunos Simulazioni.

So when word got out that the title would be making its way to consoles, it created a huge storm of excited console players, who could soon enjoy the same level of simulation that only their PC cousins had previously enjoyed.

ACC for XboxOne and Playstation 4 is due for a global release on 23rd June 2020 and as of writing, that’s only a mere two weeks away. Not alot of hours remain for any substantial work to meaningfully take place inside the offices of Kunos. While a new trailer did drop a few hours ago, it didn’t show off any new details or footage for that matter.

It has been this lack of new content, which has some pundits fearing the worse. One common worry since the console announcement, has been what compromises have had to occur in order to get ACC running on ageing console hardware. Much praised features such as graphics, frame-rates and multiplayer grid sizes, are all wagered to be on the chopping block.

ACC has a reputation for spectacularly leading even the beefiest PC hardware into submission and this forms the basis for the communities outcry. Kunos has acknowledged this on Twitter, as they announced “Lot’s of questions coming through today, many of which we’re looking to cover in an upcoming FAQ guide. Stay tuned!”

ACC AnnouncmACC Announcement on Twitterent on Twitter

At first glance the more negative predictions, such as ACC not being upto the task of rendering a smooth frame-rate or that the expected compromises are quite significant appear to be plausible and to add to the growing cloud of doubt, onlookers make aware that the developers haven’t shown any gameplay footage, weeks out from release. This might reveal that ACC is just not ready to be shown off online and certainly not ready to be cleared for retail.

While there has been very little screens released, let alone new video. Looking back at the assets available in the history leading upto Assetto Corsa’s console launch, back in August of 2016, we had a very similar lack of screenshots and only two in engine trailers. Now depending on how successful you thought that game was for the console, may just be an early indicator for your own subjective enjoyment for ACC on console, when it finally becomes available on June 23rd.

While we may not get any gameplay footage with the upcoming FAQ, we might know abit more about the grid sizes and multiplayer once they get around to answering these questions. You can also checkout the official console screenshots below.

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