Translated from the official website of Super GT and Tweets from motorsport journalist on Twitter @geniou it would appear that Super GT will host a special one off event on June 21st 2020 and utilise the GT Sport racing game, exclusive to the PS4.

Super GT in Gran Turismo Sport

Early details suggest the race at Fuji will be multiclass with 9x GT500, 9x GT300 and 2x Legends. This would make a total of 20 entrants, which would indicate that this will be an event in which Polyphony Digital (PD) will be working closely with race organisers and utilise the games dedicated Sport Mode, which gives access to dedicated servers, instead of the public lobby system regulars of the game use themselves.

The Super GT event will mark the second race series to use GT Sport, after Super Formula announced they would be hosting races on the platform, to fill the void created by Covid-19.

So Super GT fans be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to the date of June 21st 2020, wheather or not this race at Fuji will remain a one-off is unknown but we’ll keep you updated.