Exciting times for Super Formula fans as confirmation of a virtual series will begin May 17th. The racing will utilise Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4, as the regulation Dallara SF19 is already modeled in game.

Super Formula in GT Sport

Kaz Yamauchi CEO of Polyphony Digital and the brain child behind the Gran Turismo series posted on Twitter that they will provide Super Formula access to the games “Sport Mode” it will also allow the race session to use a dedicated server that is run by Gran Turismo. This instead of the public lobby system and “sport mode” is officially sanctioned by the FIA, which means in theory these virtual races could be used to score official points recognised by the FIA.

The Tweet by Kaz Yamauchi & talking about using sport mode

The race will be broadcast on Japanese sports broadcaster J Sports and a live stream will be available on the official Super Formula YouTube.

This also marks the first real world racing category to utilise GT Sport as thier platform for virtual races, since Covid-19 cancelled sport globally. Plus on a personal note these cars not only look great but the racing and strategy involved is the perfect ingredients for some intense motorsport.

Dallara SF19 the current regulation chassis

Demo 1 Garage just finished hosting a Super Formula league with RaceOnOz, so before the pro’s take to it, check out this racing action, as it’s an exciting preview of what’s to come.