New Season and that brings a whole set of new challenges for the drivers in the Porsche Tag Heur eSport Supercup (PTHES) but for the broadcast team who where responsible for the live stream, viewers missed qualifying and the opening laps of the Sprint race as the stream was laggy and dropped throughout. Luckily for the competitors things went smoothly and the racing continued.

One of the early favourites Maximilian Benecke had a disastorous sprint race finishing 8 laps down and near the back of the grid, another favourite Max Verstappen would start 21st, the defending champion from Australia Josh Rodgers started 4th and Coanda Simsports driver Tommy Ostgaard would start on Pole.

Feature Race Begins

The feature race gives the field of forty, 30mins to do thier best and Zandvoort would look like a highway at rush hour in the opening laps as 40 GT3 Porsche cup cars raced along the rollercoaster like circuit. Things started very cleanly too with Ostgaard building a healthy lead in the first half of the race.

Things where a little more tense behind as Red Bull Racing eSports pilots Job and Carroll where placed 2nd and 3rd after Job orchestrated a neat dive on Carroll into Turn 1.

Job continued to make headlines as he dug deep to cover the early gap Ostgaard had created and attempted a daring move, which seemed to catch Ostgaard by suprise, locking up slightly and losing momentum which saw him fall to 4th.

There where relatively few incidences but another accident of note was Giassi who had been strong looking in 6th but the Altus eSports entry got underneath his bumper, which flipped the Porsche and sending Giassi into early retirement.


Top 5 – Round 1 Zandvoort

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