Let the racing begin

Hoyer controlled the grid for the start of the sprint race in the GT Challenge and it was his prerogative to start anywhere inside the third sector of the Nurburgring GP circuit and he waited all the way til the final corner before pressing down on the go pedal with conviction, to start the race proper.

With only the top 15 positions in the sprint worth any points, things can sometimes get up close and personal and Hemmingsen showed everyone how to get to the front with a spectacular double overtake into turn 1

With 6 minutes remaining in the sprint race saw Pinczes serve a drive-through penalty for taking too many trips outside track boundaries. So drivers where looking for any advantages they could find.

By the end of it all, it was Hoyer who still remained ontop and would start 10th in the reverse grid feature race & at the other end Hemmingsen’s work payed off as he earned himself 10th and ultimately the pole spot in the feature.

Feature Race

The feature race is a 45min reverse grid race, where the 10 top finishers from the sprint race are reversed for the start of the 45min event. This meant Hemmingsen’s hard work in the final stages of the sprint saw him take control of the field for race 2.

It didn’t take long for sprint race winner Hoyer to get amongst things, as he was involved in a messy move for position at turn 1, which saw Mclaren driver Csincsik come off second best, losing two spots as a result.

Not all who enter will finish

Things seemed to be settling down for abit, until a flurry of spectacular incidents put an end to that. Polesny started things off, with another dive bomb at the first turn, D’Amelio got spun to the inside and lost two or three spots.

Pauli Ahonen from Allied Racing eSports, made a common mistake of running wide at the Dunlop Curve but did recover. Not the same case for Ilias Fernandez, who was amongst an entertaining scrap in 14th, tagged the grass under braking and catapulted off into the safety barriers, ending his race early.

The biggest incident of the night was still to come, when Kevin Rotting, from Williams eSports seemingly tapped Hakkenen at the top of the Schumacher esses and his car became an uncontrollable projectile, speeding head first into the inside of the track and finishing his race then and there.

Not much had changed in the starting top 10 as the race clock ticked over to 13mins to go but Hemmingsen didn’t have it easy, Siebel was begginning to pressure the Mclaren driver and was clearly more confident through the slow speed corners, so he was taking no chances, or rushing the move for the lead. Persistence for Siebel did pay off though, with a great overtake, using the fading grip levels on Hemmingsen’s car to orchestrate the challenge for the lead.

Siebel’s overtake saw him take that onto the race finish and win the main race, Hemmingsen fell back to 8th and Hoyer didn’t find that extra pace needed to claw his way back to the front and finished 9th after starting 10th.

GT Challenger Series Standings After Round 2