Well done Barcelona! It’s not always a track that delivers the most memorable grand prix but round 5 of season 5 will leave a lasting legacy of close racing, competitive drives and tales of a cursed Mercedes team.

Barcelona was a cracker and it started early with BP securing pole and the championship leader Mike, narrowly avoiding writing off the Ferrari in Q3, after overcooking it on the entry and exit of turn 9.

While BP started up front his team-mate Hawkes didn’t waste time sitting in behind BP, as they chose to split the tyre strategy, meaning Hawkes had mediums off the line. As the race settled in, it became clear that Ferrari where playing the team game, with bith drivers helping each other throughout and the likes of Wardy,Kiwi and EpicGame where all creating entertaining and excitable racing.

We did witness the Saftey car twice in Spain, with the second race restart leaving us on the edge of our seats til the final flag and a bizzare chain of events which saw Ming crash on entry into the pitlane, send carbon fiber debris up and over the saftey barriers, onto the racing line and to where ultimately Hawkes just so happened to be, which produced a tyre puncture, losing him the lead of the race. That also means we have seen 5 punctures from as many races in season 5.

Final Classifications

Drivers Championship

Constructors Championship

Round 6 will be lived streamed Feb 21 at 8:15pm (Brisbane) on Demo 1 Garage

Highlights Video

Highlights video of Round 5 at Barcelona