Round 2 is done and dusted. Raced under the floodlights in Bahrain it definetly put on a spectacular show.

18 drivers made the grid this week and after the majority of them where caught out in Australia, the practice hours where put in and it absolutley paid off, as the proceeding grand prix around the dusty Bahrain circuit was one of the most entertaining FNL1 races to date.

bp_v8 secured the role as the new Mercedes number one with another pole posistion in qualifying but a risky strategy to extend a two stop stint on soft tyres, saw tyre degradation and Botts in the Ferrari work against him, in the final stint. Ultimately Mike kept the lead by a nose, as BP had run out of laps and corners to mount an overtake before the chequred flag flew. It was a thrilling finish you must watch, highlights available below.

Results After Round 2:

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