Codemasters have revealed today that they will be releasing the popular racer GRID, in a series remake which will be popular with fans of the franchise. Release is set for September 13th 2019

GRID Remake

GRID was first released in 2008 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, now over a decade later players will be able to enjoy the game on a new generation of consoles and hardware.

What made GRID so popular on its first time round was its realistic damage model and replay feature, which punished mistakes, created some tense action and some very spectacular replays.

There will be some new additions though, most noticeably the addition of Fernando Alonso as a race consultant, plus new challenges against his eSports team FA, which all culminates to facing off with the F1 world champion is his Renault R26 F1® car, in a final showdown event.

While personally this news is exciting, plus the opportunity to see the game in a new light, with improved graphics, physics and damage model will be a feast for the senses, we hope Codemasters don’t purposefully leave content out as they have confirmed the existence of a Season 1 road map. Going by their last record with DiRT Rally 2.0, we believe some restraint is required before passing judgement. We do hope however GRID is an instant classic and opens up the world of motorsport to a new generation of drivers.

The GRID reboot is set for release on 13th September 2019