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Demo 1 Garage Has Been Zucced

Demo 1 Garage Has Been Zucced

You may have noticed a severe lack of content on our Facebook page as of this morning and that is due to Facebook taking the nuclear option to silence all “news” outlets based in Australia.

However they have implemented this, it has meant that not only all the major players in Australian news have been de-platformed but a countless number of everyday Aussies running blogs, support groups, fan pages and gaming pages have also been caught up in this. Unfortunately this includes us too. Meaning we have been zucced.

Facebook is by far our widest reaching platform and with it out of commission I was unable to even alert viewers that our streams are only on YouTube and Twitch currently, meaning alot of people still won’t know.

I am reaching out to you my supporters and readers, to help spread the word, where possible.

If you haven’t already join our Discord, bookmark our website and support us via this service. I always diversified just in case something like this happened but I never thought it would be so unjust.

We will work on reversing this decision somehow, so stay tuned.

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Banned from Facebook
Facebook has removed Australian based news sites and restricted the sharing of their content globally too. Demo 1 Garage has been caught up in this too.

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Demo 1 Garage Has Been Zucced

Demo 1 Garage Has Been Zucced





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