Professional F1 Team Simulator For Your Home

The ultimate sim rig is now available on the consumer market, meaning you too can enjoy industry level simulation from the comfort of your own home. So no need for you to get a job with an F1 team or win a competition to get access to their highly bespoke simulator systems.

Cranfield Simulations is an engineering company from the UK and the company behind this wonderful piece of simracing art. These full motion simulators are based of real F1 molds which can accurately simulates G forces and G-cueing using an airbag system which tricks the brain into thinking it is experiencing things like acceleration etc

Don’t forget these are setups which have also been supplied to F1, NASCAR and other race categories for training and familiarisation purposes. For anyone with the money, you’ll have some of the best equipment available, plus the privilege of becoming the number 1 symbol of envy among your simracing peers.

The Formula Simulator is based on a real F1 mold and selects only the best components including the steering wheel and pedals. The overall package offers a more refined experience suitable for both professional driver training and luxury home entertainment installations.

“Most simulators used in motorsport are little more than fairground rides,” said Ian Poll, Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield University. “This system, however, uses a variety of carefully tailored inputs to the body’s sensory system and the driver’s brain interprets these to be the result of real accelerations being applied to the body. If the brain believes it, simulation becomes reality and the training value is considerably enhanced.”

You might be asking yourself “What will something like this set me back ? “

Well we don’t actually know, their website doesn’t list the prices i suspect that’s because the entire rig is so customisable it requires a list:

  • Motion Options
  • Custom Colours
  • Interior Trim
  • Steering Wheel Type (F1, F2 or F3)
  • Choose Pedals
  • Custom Seat
  • VR or Screens
  • Race Suit
  • Water Cooled PC

It’s not just the rig itself for those who want everything, it’s all here, including down to installation of the simulator, telemetry and sim games software.

So taking that in it’s probably not cheap but if you want to go ahead check out