For fans of two wheels, the next installment of the Moto GP franchise, has just teased some new gameplay footage, which should hopefully keep fans spirits high for the upcoming release.

The video showcases the conditions and driver combo, which the community of Moto GP have made the most requests for. Introducing Valentino Rossi at Mugello, in dry racing conditions.

Elements showcased in the video try to reveal, the improved bike physic behaviour, which is reported to create a more technical and skill based gameplay loop and players get to have a quick look at the new fuel management system. There is also asymmetrical tyre degredation, again increasing the skill required to master these bikes. Overall these updates should allow players to have finer control over the bike setup, performance and really race the way which suites you, making the Career mode a real accomplished feat, especially when winning races or the championship.

MotoGP™20 will be released on 23 April 2020 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch™*.