Tonight at 12:30am AEST Max Verstappen along with 39 other Porsche drivers will begin the Tag Heur Porsche eSport Super Cup (PESC) on iRacing

What you may not have known is Porsche along with iRacing also started the Porsche Sprint challenge, which runs alongside the PESC.

You could win some decent money in the Porsche Sprint challenge.

This competition is open to anyone in iRacing (except those in the PESC) so you don’t need to worry about Max Verstappen piling on the pressure and the qualifying races are run every 2hours during the week, on the lead up to the next PESC and Sprint Challenge round.

Competitors will use the Cayman GT4 Clubsport and race the same tracks that the big boys in the PESC are racing on that week. There is also some decent money up for grabs with a total Prizepool of $25,000 and 13,700Cr iRacing Credits.

Those who qualified for tonights Super Session event will start from 10:45PM racing Zandvoort.

Don’t worry if you missed this week as the qualifying rounds will open up for round 2 from May 5th 2020, giving you a chance to qualify for the next Sprint Challenge Super Session on May 9th 2020.

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