The fourth round of Formula 1’s Virtual GP series, which has been setup to fill the gap left by the Covid-19 crisis, gave one very popular driver abit of a rude shock this week.

Lando Norris was online streaming, as he has become fairly well known for in the simracing community but as he was in the middle of the session, fans watching advised the McLaren driver that he had been announced for the Virtual GP at Interlagos

Will Lando Race ?

Well he wasn’t too happy about the situation as he went on while live streaming to complain about not knowing for one but most interestingly he sounded off at how disadvantaged he is, as it’s only 24hrs out from the GP. Lando explained his opponents have had a full week to practice and if he was to not perform on the day he feared the world would think he sucked.

Lando wasn’t happy

While it looks like he is locked in for the event, especially since all promotional material mentions Lando, the official F1 website has an article where Lando isn’t mentioned at all, which just adds to the confusion.

Reading Between The Lines

There are some very intriguing feelings and emotions we can conclude from Lando’s candid response.

  • Like all racing drivers, they are in it to win it and nothing else matters
  • He takes the competition of simracing very seriously even with no world championship points on the line.
  • Track time in simracing is a vital asset, you can’t do too many laps
  • His confidence in F1 2019 is abit on edge, especially when the field has a head start on practice.

That last point stands out, because you would never hear a reserve driver in F1 complain about getting a last minute drive. They will know they have had less track time, no practice and driving a car setup for someone else, which leaves them at a severe disadvantage but they would grab the opportunity by the reigns and do their damn best and race hard !

Flo-vis everywhere

Simracing is abit different though and judging from past interactions with the likes of Albon, Russell, Leclerc etc.. who have been somewhat critical of F1 2019, finding those digital track limits, braking points and specific niche tricks which are inherently present at every circuit, all seem to indicate that without knowing them, your chances of winning are slim.

These issues are present in every racing sim, due to the limitations of the physic simulations running but it seems the ones present in F1 2019 gain you too much time to not utilise and have explored in practice previously.

From The Editor

You may have noticed i have been severely critical of the F1 games by Codemasters but it comes from a fan which genuinley can enjoy the career mode and the racing that is produced by grass roots leagues but as I’ve covered in a previous article exploring F1 eSports, the competitive portion of the game is severly unfinished, unrefined and in need of some smoothing of the edges. I want to see F1 eSports succeed but i also want it to genuinley attract F1 drivers, because they enjoy the racing in game as much as they do in the real world version.