All the action and results from round 3 at VIR

Round 3 headed to the Virginia International Raceway, where exit & top speed would prove useful for those with the advantages. For the sprint race Tormala in the McLaren 750S found himself on pole and leading the pack in the rolling start.

He managed to get a great jump on those around him, with second and third placed Jajovski and Kasdorp caught sleeping, this enabled Jajovski to build a buffer of about 1 second by the end of the first few laps.

Then in the final 10minutes Wisneiwski blew his engine into the entry of turn 1, with his car stranded and slowing, the packed field of cars behind had to take some serious avoiding action but for Nisula from Sattelite Racing, the stricken car came unannounced and the two collided, ending the sprint race hopes right then and there.

The race for reverse grid glory

The bumping and grinding didn’t let up for the sprint race, as the top 10 looked to place well for points, plus the reverse grid swap around leading into the feature race set the tension high.

First was the fight for reverse grid pole, which was contested betwen Pinto & Ryan. Ryan was defending his advantageous spot very intelligently, forcing Punto off line, to take the dirty line and just making life hard.

Then there was the three way battle for 4th, which involved Kasdorp, Kappet and Biancolilla. There was this incredible exchange into the first turn where Kasdorp was swamped by the two behind and Kappet from 6th, snuck up around the outisde and was momentarily into 4th, putting the pressure on Kasdorp to keep his Audi infront.

The charge to the chequered flag

The sprint race always produces, slight taps, bumps and door grinding racing, due to the limited time but Jajovski had been tailing the leader Tormala from Red Bull eSports for the entire race but with less than a minute to go, Jajovski used the power of his BMW to smoothly pass by the leader and claim victory.

The feature race begins

For the feature 10th place in the sprint starts 1st, that lucky drive was Borja Millan, who worked tirelessly to find himself leading the pack for the second race. He delayed the start until the back straight and it proved to be a monumentally brilliant call, as he was 3.5secs ahead of both Alsabti and Ryan (2nd & 3rd respectively) by the first lap.

Alsabti unfortunately had to serve a drive-through penalty for an incident he was deemed at fault for in round 2 at the Nurburgring, he was running third at the time so this really dampened his spirits of a podium finish.

It’s a long race

The feature race has a 45min limit, so the drivers are offered time and space to build up to a smooth overtake & two drivers who really went wheel to wheel was both Siggy & Ryan, they went on to defend, swap and race for 30mins, until eventually Siggy got infront and built some room for himself.

Then there was the constant stream of overtakes, cars going 3 wide, 2 by 2 into corners, taking the gap and some aggressive defending which absolutely made this the best race in the GT Pro series to date.

The standout dominated VIR

There was one driver who deserved to finish 1st but couldn’t due to starting 27th, the very last car on the grid and not having enough time in the race to do so, it was Rudy Van Buren. The driver for McLaren Shadow, the winner of World’s Fastest Gamer. He had a storming drive and found himself finishing 3rd. His aim was to minimise damage early on, to keep his aerodynamic performance optimal and it absolutely worked, he will be someone to keep an eye on by the end of the season.

Millan kept his lead from start to finish and won the feature race in style, Siggy worked hard for 2nd and our driver of the day Van Buren finished the podium standings in 3rd. Tormula who qualified fastest and lead the sprint race start did finish 6th but alot of mistakes and spins, dented his opportunities to finish alot higher.

Round 3 results

Top 10 results