The GT Pro series at the Nurburgring GP circuit started with a tense sprint race, which would organise the grid for the feature 45minute race and to spice things up more, Max Verstappen made an early debut in the series and was quick to make an impact.

Max Verstappen was due to make his debut in this series in round 3 but due to the Australian GP being cancelled, he was home in time to bring that forward and represent Team Redline. With little practice he didn’t qualify well and started in 11th place. That didn’t stop him though as he quickly made his way through the field but his aggressive nature would soon come back to haunt him.

The sprint race was chaotic, due to the drivers having very little time to make places, the racing was frenzied throughout. Towards the end of the sprint Biancolilla made contact with Van Dooren sending him down the order and Verstappen made a costly error which he received a drive through penalty for, meaning he dropped to 28th for the feature.

All that sprint racing action did pay off in the end, as a photo finish between Van Buren, Alsabti and Wisneiwski created some unforgettable moments but it was Jarjovski, Siggy and Wisneiwski on the podium.

The feature race was next and it’s 45 minutes around the Nurburgring GP circuit, the grid is a reverse grid start, which reverses the first 10 grid slots from the last race. Verstappen would have had pole but his penalty from the sprint race sent him back to 28th spot. Pinto took the lead of the field and stacked them up fairly tight until the chicane and things where looking on the up for Verstappen as he made 7 positions in the first couple laps.

The early laps looked alot like the sprint race, plenty of the drivers where making aggressive moves, squeezing into small gaps or aggressively holding position, in order to defend their track advantage. Van Buren was involved in alot of the early action with Siggy and it all become a little too much, as Siggy ended up being spun off track by Van Buren, which the stewards awarded him a drive through penalty for.

It was a very busy day for the stewards with plenty of incidences taking place, involving the likes of Jarjovski, Simoncic, Siggy, Rudy Van Buren and an incredible accident coming to the chequred flag between Alsabti and Jordan. On replay though you can see Alsabti changed lines coming into the final turn and Jordan had no where to go, essentially pit maneuvering Alsabti in the process.

Feature Race Results (Top 10)

Feature Race Top 10