Enduro For Mens Health - Saturday 21st Nov

Coming up on the 21st November 2020 is the Enduro for mens health race at Spa-Francorchamps a 5hour event that will be hosted on iRacing.

The event will be rasing money for two causes in New Zealand that are doing great things for mens health in the country.

  • The Barter Barber travels around the country trading haircuts for food and petrol whilst communicating to Kiwi men about mental health and masculinity.
  • Tough Talk is a video series intended to break the stigma on men’s mental health.


One simracer that has been a long time supporter and viewer here at Demo 1 Garage will be entering this event, with his team Coheed Racing and simracing has been a bedrock of inspiration for him and his journey through depression. Now he and his team Coheed Racing are giving back to the community.

He has also shared his story ahead of the endurance event and hopefully some of you who need it, can find inspiration and hope through his own experience.